Don't Lose your way!


Something for a good buddy, choco~

always the cool drag. who never stops to shower me with cool compliments . no pun intended

and I guess i’m back from what all that’s happened.

Whatever it is..

I’m always forever grateful for you people who have given me their support..

and i can’t be ever be more happy from the efforts you people have given to tell me.. and remind me that there’s just many things and much more for me to look forward too.

i’m not fully recovered but, i’m just as fine and alright rather than being all moody.

Due time i’ll get back to my usual self..


Meow doing cat stuff is my favourite Meow


A higher power demanded I color this

Works by Koolaid-Girl

All on MS Paint

-slides in all smooth like- sup B)

And here we see the rare Dorkus Mimicus in her natural habitat, somehow internally convinced that she thinks shes smooth